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Brake pads, Rotors & Brake Parts

Arch Auto Parts carries a wide selection of OEM and OES brake parts from manufacturers you trust, including ceramic brake pads, semi-metallic brake pads, organic brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, coated rotors, brake drums, brake calipers, master and wheel cylinders, brake hydraulics, brake wear sensors, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), brake hardware, brake lines and hoses. We also stock a wide variety of Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS),  ABS components and ABS hardware.

Count on Arch to also have the brake fluid, brake cleaner and brake tools you need to maintain or upgrade your vehicle’s brake system to perform like new. And at Arch, you’ll always find low everyday prices on all the parts and supplies you need.

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Brake pads, Rotors & Brake Parts brands at Arch Auto Parts Include these and more
Brake pads, Rotors & Brake Parts Parts at Arch Auto Parts include these & more


Front Brake Pads
Front Wheel Hub
Front Disc Brake Rotor
Front Wheel Stud
Front Wheel Stud


Front Bleeder Screw
Front Left Rebuilt Caliper
Front Right Rebuilt Caliper
Front Caliper Kit
Front Caliper Piston
Front Brake Hose
Front Brake Hose Clip


Front Disc Hardware Kit
Front Caliper Bolt/Pin
Front Pin Boot Kit
Front Caliper Bushing


Rear Brake Pads
Rear Wheel Hub
Rear Disc Brake Rotor
Rear Wheel Stud
Rear Wheel Stud
New Brake Shoes
Rear Brake Drum


Rear Bleeder Screw
Rear Left Rebuilt Caliper
Rear Right Rebuilt Caliper
Rear Caliper Kit
Rear Caliper Piston
Rear Brake Hose
Rear Brake Hose Clip
Rear Wheel Cylinder-Left
Rear Wheel Cylinder-Right
Rear Wheel Cylinder Kit


Rear Caliper Bolt/Pin
Rear Disc Hardware Kit
Rear Drum Hardware Kit
Rear Hold Down Kit
Rear Caliper Bushing
Rear Adjustment Kit Left
Rear Adjustment Kit Right
Rear Left Brake Cable
Rear Right Brake Cable
Rear Guide Pin
Rear Hold Down Spring


Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap
Front Wheel Abs Sensor
Brake Booster Without Master Cylinder
Rear Wheel Abs Sensor
Brake Light Switch
Abs Ring

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS Sensor
TPMS Reset Tool

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