Arch Auto Parts carries these single-use cans and 10 & 25 lb. canisters of Freon™ and Opteon™ refrigerants:


How Do I Know Which Refrigerant To Use?

While these refrigerants are primarily for automotive A/C repair and service, they have other commercial applications besides mobile (vehicle) applications. Some of these refrigerants are used for things such as residential air conditioning and various other appliances. Whether you still need the R-134a refrigerant or are switching to the Opteon™ 1234-yf, Arch Auto Parts wants to make sure you can stay cool.

Here is information from Chemours detailing the different Opteon™ and Freon™ products that Arch Auto Parts carries:

Opteon™ YF (HFO-1234yf)R-134aThe go-to replacement for HFC-134a in automotive air conditioning systems, but with a 99.9% lower GWP. Opteon™ YF meets regulatory requirements, while retaining comparable capacity and energy efficiency, low toxicity, and zero ozone-depletion potential.
Freon™ 134aR-12

Medium and high-temperature for stationary commercial refrigeration, chiller equipment, and home appliances

Retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

Freon™ 404AR-502

Commercial refrigeration equipment

New and existing R-502 equipment

Freon™ 407CR-22

Positive displacement equipment:

  • New or existing residential and commercial air-conditioners
  • New or existing residential and commercial heat pumps

Existing medium-temperature applications

Freon™ 410AR-22New residential and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps
Freon™ MO99R-22Refrigeration and air conditioning systems


Where In NYC Can I Buy These Refrigerants?

If you are in Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island, you will find these Opteon™ and Freon™ products at Arch Auto Parts. We also offer the 134a refrigerant and the Opteon 1234-yf refrigerant in the 12 oz. canisters. You can either call for in-store pickup, or just visit your nearest Arch Auto Parts location and get the “Right Parts. Right Now.”

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