Summer is back, and there’s nothing worse than sitting in a hot car. It’s awful from that initial blast of heat when you first turn on the fan, to sticking to the seat when you’re trying to get out. I’ll stop there to spare you any more details. If you are installing a new compressor or condenser for your A/C, Four Seasons has some tips for you.

Here are quick tips for installing an A/C compressor.

Here are quick tips for installing an A/C condenser demonstrated on a Chevy truck.

Arch Auto Parts carries Four Seasons products such as A/C compressors and A/C condensers. The expert countermen can also help you with finding the additional parts you may need for these repairs such as O-rings, accumulators, or refrigerants. If you are in Queens, Brooklyn, or Long Island NY, come into Arch Auto Parts to get the parts you need to stay cool this summer.

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