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Federated Batteries

Made in America, Federated batteries are manufactured at one of the largest single-site, lead-acid battery facilities in the world. Using the industry’s most advanced engineering and precision manufacturing; these car batteries provide durability as well as performance under the most demanding conditions. Federated Batteries are made with over 300 quality control checks assuring dependability and long life.

Federated has a complete line of car batteries for all your power needs. Automotive batteries include absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, high performance, and exact fit batteries for import vehicles. Providing maintenance-free power with the maximum cranking performance, these batteries cover a wide range of today’s passenger car, light truck, and van applications. For recreational and commercial equipment, we offer a broad range of battery sizes for boats, RVs, tractors, medium and heavy-duty (HD) trucks, golf carts, and electric vehicles that meet all your starting, dual purpose, and deep cycle needs.

Quality Control Checks
Car & Truck Vehicle Coverage
18-36 Month Industry Leading Warranty

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